Yesterday, July 23, a tentative agreement was reached for 1,000 members of the EB (Education and Library Science) group. In addition to fair wage increases averaging at 2.11%, same as the TC group, per year and improved working conditions, wage adjustments and allowances were also secured. In addition, they will be awarded a Phoenix damages settlement to compensate members for the pain and suffering caused by the broken pay system.

For our members, here are some important details:

  • Increase in maternity related reassignment or leave qualification from 52 to 78 weeks following the birth of a child
  • A new leave provision for members elected to union leadership
  • An increase in meal allowance for overtime from $9 to $12
  • Set timelines for receiving a response to vacation leave requests
  • Improvements to travel time to pay for up to five hours of compensation for any stop-overs
  • Commitment from the Employer to consult with the Union in the next review of Treasury Board’s policy on indemnification
  • Commitment from the Employer to prepare informational material on employees’ injury on duty rights and benefits.
  • Memorandum of understanding for the creation of a joint committee responsible for the teaching of Aboriginal languages ​​by DIAND teachers working 10 months a year.
  • Increases to funding for the Joint Learning Program, including a pilot study on health and safety training


In addition, the Common Issues Settlement applies to this group:

  • A one-time payment of $500 in recognition of the extended collective agreement implementation deadline and an additional $50 for every subsequent 90-day delay
  • Ten days of paid Domestic Violence Leave.
  • Better language on return to work following a Maternity or Parental Leave, giving more flexibility to parents who wish to change positions within the federal public service.
  • Improvements to Parental Leave pay.
  • Updated language to match the new legislation including a new extended leave option and the sharing of Parental Leave.
  • Expanded supplementary allowance for every week an employee is on extended or shared Parental Leave.
  • Additional weeks for parents covered under the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan, when both parents work in the public service.
  • New Memorandum of Understanding to explore the issues related to childcare in the public service.
  • Updated and improved language to match the new legislation on Compassionate Care and Caregiving Leave.
  • Better language to allow the use of employer facilities for union activities
  • New Memorandum of Understanding to protect certain working conditions of civilian members of the RCMP
  • New Memorandum of Understanding on mental health in the workplace to support the work of the Centre for Expertise on Mental Health
  • In the event of workforce adjustment, the education allowance has increased to $17,000.
  • Deletion of Memorandum of Understanding on Supporting Employee Wellness. As a result, Sick Leave will remain untouched.

For the full text, we will update you when it is published. Please see the PSAC article for more information.