RESISTANT. The Great Lakes Pilotage Authority didn’t take the time to participate in the bargaining process especially during the last conciliation. 10 minutes. The employer left the table after 10 minutes. It’s not even the time allowed for a 15 minutes break to relax! Did this employer ever intend to negotiate a collective agreement? What games are being played here? We wonder if they took the time to sit down. Nothing was put forward; the employees were left with nothing.

ENOUGH. The decision was made not to extend the conciliation period when we realised the lack of seriousness on the behalf of the employer. The conciliation process will expire in August 6, 2019. We don’t have the exact dates for the moment, but we know that both parties will meet in September 2019. If this last round is anything to go by, we are not optimistic on achieving anything.

ACT. Your bargaining team is always open to negotiating a collective agreement. Support your team in front of this bully!