Local 10109

During the current crisis, Katia’s work is considered a crucial service. Her job is consequently necessary for the safety of all or part of the general public. After working as a steward for ten years, she has now been working as a deckhand for the Canadian Coast Guard for two years. Katia needs to be available 24/7.  Rescue operations are unpredictable. Her job is not routine. To give you an idea, here are some duties which she performs over the year: mooring manoeuvres, zodiac operations, helicopter preparation, boat maintenance, fire and evacuation exercises, height work, pitting and rust cleaning, as well as painting to maintain our boat.

She is also a specialist in rescue operations and takes part in several exercises each year to keep her skills up-to-date. During the Covid-19 crisis, it is rescue specialists who take the temperature of all crew members and new contractors who come on board. This work requires a great deal of flexibility.

I work 82 hours per week every other month.  When we set off for the Arctic, we leave for six weeks”, states Katia. “I do this job because it brings me a sense of well-being, I learn something new every day and I feel accomplished when I finish working.

She loves working as part of a team, using her hands, being outside and travelling.  She met her partner at work which makes her working environment even more pleasant when they are on the same boat.