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Christine Collins
Christine Collins National President – 2008 to 2017
Social justice has always been a part of Christine Collins’ life. In 2005 Christine became the first woman National Vice-President and in 2008 was elected the first woman UCTE National President. Here is her biography:

Mike Wing
Mike WingNational President – 1999 to 2008
For over 10 years, Mike Wing has been a social activist with UCTE, PSAC and the National Capital Region (NCR). Here is his biography:

Robert Desfonds
Robert DesfondsNational President – 1993-1999
When people refer to social activists, they refer to a fire — a spark to fire justice. This quest for justice on behalf of Canadian workers has always been in the heart of Brother Robert Desfonds. Here is his biography:

Robert Cox
Robert CoxNational President – 1981 to 1993
It all started when Robert Cox became President of Local 80829 at the Halifax Airport. In 1981, he was elected President of the Union. Here is his biography:

William Freifeld
William FreifeldNational President – 1978 to 1981
William Freifeld was born in 1927 and died, aged 88, on June 26, 2015. He was a Second World War veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy. Here is his biography:

Guy Jacob
Guy JacobNational President – 1972-1978
Guy Jacob became president of UCTE at the 1972 convention; he was twice re-elected to the office, in 1975 and 1978. Before the union was founded in 1966 Guy was already active in the labour movement. Here is his biography:

Percy Bourne
Percy BourneNational President – 1971-1972
An important pillar of the union, Percy Bourne, a former UCTE National President, began his involvement with the Montreal Airport Local as a radio operator. Here is his biography:

John McLermon
John McLermonNational President – 1969-1971
John McLermon was the President of the Canadian Union of Transportation Employees for a term of 3 years. Prior to joining UCTE, Brother John already had an interest in social justice. Here is his biography:

Dave Rush
Dave RushNational President – 1968 to 1969
Dave Rush, a former UCTE president. The first elected UCTE President was also from the Dorval local. At the 1968 convention Brother Dave Rush ran and won. Here is his biography:

Don Bennett
Don BennettNational President – 1967 to 1968
Don Bennett was the very first president of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees. He began working in 1959 for Parks Canada on the Rideau Canal. Here is his biography: