On December 17, 2019, we told you that the TC (technical services) bargaining team was attending the Public Interest Commission hearing that was to end on December 19, 2019. What you need to know is that they got absolutely nowhere. NO progress whatsoever. The government is rooted in its position.

Rest assured, PSAC is committed to fighting for what our members deserve including improvements to your 10-year old wages and 40-year old job classification.

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The union is extremely disappointed that, despite all of its resources, the government refuses to present their brief to the PIC in both official languages.

PSAC PIC presentation
Treasury Board PIC presentation


PSAC and UCTE want this situation to improve. The TC bargaining team will continue to reject all concessions and work for improvements to the TC collective agreement.

We have been waiting too long. The feeling of frustration is increasing. For this reason, we are considering all methods to put pressure on the employer to negotiate.

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